Time to Deal with Mexico in Terms They Understand

I’m advised today that the Associated Press is reporting that Mexico is going to commit fifty million dollars in legal fees to help illegals in the United States fight deportation back to Mexico. It’s bad enough they aren’t helping secure the border to stop drug and human traffic. For a foreign government to interfere with immigration law enforcement in the United States is way over the line.

I suppose the problem stems from all of the money legal and illegal Mexicans send back to their families in Mexico. More deportations mean less cash flowing into Mexico – and these funds, referred to as remittances, add up to some serious money that Mexico has started to depend on.

The solution? Tax the remittances at a percentage they are going to feel and generate an amount of tax money this will be useful for border security. Maybe this will help Mexico pay for that wall as well as discourage them from interfering with our legal system…