Hollywood Democrats

I’ve been checking the numbers and apparently there remain 472 Democratic counties in the United States of America. That’s opposed to well over 3,000 Republican counties. Virtually all of these are metropolitan counties and a lot of them seem to be near one coast or another.

I’ve been trying to think of the best name for what used to be the national Democratic Party, now that they aren’t really a national party, anymore. Others have suggested Coastal Democratic Party and I’ve used the term myself. But upon further review, it’s a bit misleading since these few Democratic counties are scattered about the country.

I’m now thinking Hollywood Democratic Party since it seems to be the showbiz crowd that is speaking publicly for Democrats these days. If you were unfortunate enough to see the recent Golden Globe Awards, you know what I’m talking about. Who are these self-appointed showbiz political spokesmen? They’re those who make a living pretending to be someone else and reading lines written by others.

Where could we possibly find better political spokesmen for regular folks than these Hollywood types?

Check the white pages…

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  1. Don’t have a new Democrat name but how about ****publican for all those who fell for the ******? Not bad?

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