A Cold Day in Indiana

It’s a cold day here in Indiana and it seems as good a time as any to stay inside and see what is going on around the state. A new Republican governor will be sworn in here on Monday and the far-left hysterical press is already lining up to berate him for everything he does. I’m sure the new governor already knows that no matter how well he performs in office, he’ll receive nothing but opposition, criticism and bizarrely bad advice from far-left party operatives, political columnists, commentators and self-appointed critics at large. No matter how many elections they lose in Indiana by wide margins, the left never loses the delusion that elected Republicans should be following a twisted and rejected far-left agenda. At least that’s what they’re constantly whining about. There are indeed a very few far-left areas of the country, but Indiana isn’t one of them and is unlikely to be anytime soon.

There was a promotion ceremony here in Indianapolis for officers of the local police department who are moving up. Naturally, some lunatic fringe city councilman thought this was a good opportunity to whine about the high percentage of white officers compared to blacks and other minorities. Yes, you read that right, he’s talking percentage quotas by race instead of selecting and promoting the absolute best possible candidates for police work. The last thing law enforcement needs is to be handcuffed by political correctness. When we need help from the police, we don’t care what colour responding officers are, we want the most qualified people to come to our aid, not someone who was just chosen to fill a racial quota.

In other matters, due to all the hate mail I receive, I’ve set up a new mailbox just for that. Friends and foes are always welcome to comment regarding any BDP posts, but for those wishing to insult me with more privacy, you are welcome to email me at hatemail@backdoorpolitics.com. Don’t take that privacy thing too seriously, as I’ll likely publish some of the most interesting emails.